Vision and Aims

Our Vision Statement by Year 2 Children

  • We would like our school to be an interesting, bright and safe place where we can learn inside and outside the classroom.
  • We want everyone to be fair, kind and polite to make our school a happy place to be.
  • We would like everyone to look at challenges positively, be resilient and always try their best!
  • We want to enjoy learning new things and know the teachers will always be there to help us when we get stuck.
  • Most of all we want our school to be welcoming, friendly and caring as well as a place where everyone can be confident learners and achieve their best!

Aims for children at Horndean Infant School

  • To feel good about themselves, value their emotions and talk about their feelings and opinions.
  • To have confidence in their own ability to be successful and develop as self motivated learners.
  • To have a continuous love of learning and to develop the ability to become reflective thinkers, able to pose their own questions and to always do their best.
  • To show good citizenship by demonstrating respect for the school, the environment, other people and knowing they can make a difference.